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Professional  Testing and Servicing of Fuel Injectors

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Fuel Injectors rarely fail but get clogged up over time, If the coil is fine, no fault codes, its time to have them cleaned!! If the symptoms are there and to avoid future problems, hard starting, misfire, high fuel consumption etc.

Fuel injectors that are clean and functioning properly are a key element to getting the best performance and fuel mileage from your engine. Properly functioning fuel injectors will inject the fuel in an optimal atomized-mist that burns clean and gets the most out of the fuel.

Over time, deposits build up in the tips of fuel injectors,  when there's fuel left in the injector tips after the engine is stopped, which turns into  carbon deposits that affect the clean spray of the injector.


Dirty or clogged injectors are very commonly overlooked, Basic tests, no fault codes! next step, must be ECU, then new set of Injectors.. Unnecessary expenses to the customer. 


Throwing a can of Injector cleaner in your vehicles tank does not clean your Injectors


A professional Injector Tester is the only way of seeing what the Injector is doing.No Diagnostic Tester can do it. 


Avoid costly breakdowns on your roadtrip and have your vehicles Injectors tested, cleaned, and serviced regularly.

Our Services

    Test, Clean, Re-test

-Coil resistance test
-Spray Pattern Testing:  Monitor/ evaluate spray patterns & accurately measure injector delivery to correctly diagnose the condition & performance of the injectors.
-Injection Flow & Volume Test: Measure & compare the volume & flow of each injector.
-Auto Test: Computerized test sequence utilizing variable RPM and Pulse width to simulate true conditions (Acceleration, Deceleration & Idle phases).
-Injector Leak Down Test: Test and verify leaky injectors under operating pressure. Visually check for dribble.
-Ultrasonic Cleaning: Injectors are pulsed during the Ultrasonic cleaning process removing all carbon deposits, rust and contaminates.

Petrol Fuel Injectors Only

      Injector Diagnostic Report included with full test.

All seals, filter baskets, pintle caps and spacers are replaced where necessary. 


      Injector cleaning after                         reverse flush

Ultrasonic cleaning while pulsing the Injectors at various intervals. Should be performed with any engine head overhaul or engine rebuild. (Avoid the guessing game!) As well as preventative maintenance or if they have been diagnosed as clogged or dirty.

Cleaning Injectors

Ultrasonic cleaning occurs when ultra high frequency waves  are passed through a liquid causing cavitation, microscopic bubbles collapsing into themselves. This creates a high energy vacuum effect which safely pulls debris, foreign particles and other contaminants from the surfaces being cleaned. With Ultrasonic cleaning, both the exterior and interior surfaces, including crevices, are thoroughly cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning has proven to be much more  effective than any manual methods!

About Us

It all began 30 years ago, joining the motor trade as a young apprentice going on to qualify with distinctions. Thereafter it was on and off in the trade but never failing to keep up with the ever changing electronics of motor vehicles.
Diagnostics has always been a passion.

Hungry for more, I acquired a Lab-scope with a pressure pulse sensor (Master Technician kit) for advanced diagnostics and mechanical integrity checks, I discovered that most vehicles diagnosed have Injector issues. After months of research and study I realized that Injectors rarely fail and a test and service can make them "As New Condition again" saving customers huge expenses replacing them.

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